Many people or organizations wonder whether a freelancer or a creative agency would be suitable for their Website design work or not. A common misconception is that both are similar and recruiting a freelancer will save the cost. Before any step, to make the right decisions for your company, you should be aware of the differences between the two.

The important question is, how do you get the right fit at the right price? Would it be better to hire a freelancer to do many jobs or agency with special jobs?. Today, we will help you make the decision. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing your projects to individual freelancers and agencies.

Freelancers are not suitable for every type of requirement

If you have a simple project for which minor graphic design work is required, you can go for freelancers. But it is prudent to know that their expertise is limited to only one or two areas. When it comes to complex projects like web design projects or company branding, you will rarely find anyone with the necessary skills. It is, therefore, better to go for a creative agency because they have different branding, such as expert branding, the user experience of the site or the skills required for graphics. Thus, you will end up with a quick project delivery, which requires less modification.

Freelancers are flexible programs. They are free and can work anywhere, as long as they have a strong Internet connection. However, this may be a problem if you are in a different time zone than your freelancer. Sometimes it may be that if you need it, then it is unavailable.

A single freelancer works for many customers. Occasionally, work and deadlines on his desk are loose. It can affect the freelancer’s performance. Projects can be done and can not be done properly because they are very tired. There may be less satisfactory results.

The biggest benefit to hiring a design agency: you’re hiring a team.

You can not expect to have the expertise of a freelancer to handle various aspects of the web design project. A freelancer who is good at creating a poorly designed website, can not have any information about things like user experience, SEO compatibility or site architecture. If they do, then they lack the time and resources to apply their skills to effective web design throughout the round. When a creative agency handles such a project, they have the necessary experience and expertise to complete every aspect of the design. They have the ability to apply best practices for web design because they have no shortage of time and resources. For example, a freelancer will hardly apply the possible effort because it is complex and time-focused in nature.

When you hire a creative web designing agency, a project manager will be assigned to handle your projects. The Project Manager handles the team, tracks the hours, and gives feedback. It is easy to go through a project manager who personally sees the team who checks every freelancer. This gives you more time for other important things like client meetings. In addition, you do not have to worry about the freelancers who leave your project. If there is an emergency, they can provide the replacement.

When you have a web design agency in USA/UK/Canada who is working on a project constructively, then they have their own project manager to ensure the progress of every aspect of your project. He also has a creative director who ensures that every part of your visual branding is in line with the correct presentation. Rather than paying for many services, a creative agency only enables you to pay for the quote. With a team communicating with each other during a project, a creative agency leads to a quick project completion and leads to fewer errors. It also saves you the cost with very little modification fees.

Finding the right team helps you take on more projects in the future. Since you already have a team with a set of special skills, you’ll be more confident to accept bigger projects. So if you are planning to make your Website more unique & visible, then it’s important to go for a creative agency. They will ensure that you reach the ultimate goals according to your expectations.