Search Engine Marketing – Online Invisibility to Visibility!

Increase Visibility of Your Website (s)

Search Engine Marketing is part of digital marketing to promote your websites through paid advertising. it increases the visibility of your websites in search engine result pages. This digital marketing strategy refers to paid search advertising or pays per click. We, at Wizbytes, will reciprocate your value paid to us by paying you huge value for your money invested in terms of ROI. Our custom-designed SEM campaigns will best-suit your requirements .we try to exercise within your stipulated budget range. Our digital marketing strategy includes every medium in the digital arena for increasing the website’s visibility. In addition, paid, organic and local; to include display advertising, pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing strategies, and marketing campaigns through professional emailers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Taming the Traffic!

As search engines prefer to paid services, Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the most effective digital marketing strategy that enhances traffic to your page (s). PPC campaigns design influential and creative ads manage keyword placement and thus promote web pages. Wizbytes provides you with the most advanced digital marketing company, and we offer these services at very affordable prices. We know paid searches always rank the highest at the list in search engines. We incorporate PPC as it is the best and the most effective marketing strategy. PPC campaigns help to get the extra boost to your website. Pay-per-click manages the whole campaigns by designing influential ads, managing keyword placement and promoting website pages. PPC, the most effective online marketing solution, targets the online audience, and helps improve traffic to your website (s).

Cost per Impression

Cost per impression is one of several methods for pricing web ads. Click-through-rate is the percentage of people, who clicked your ad and saw it. The success of the cost-per-impression campaign depends upon click-through-rate. When an advertisement receives three clicks for every 100 impressions, it has 3% CTR. But the success of advertisement doesn’t depend on CTR. Cost per impression is one of the most effective campaigns because it boosts brand awareness delivering a particular message. Cost-per-impression is the most common and effective because website publishers get paid for displaying ads. If an ad is seen in two locations on a website, the advertiser has to pay for two impressions.

Search Analytics

Search Analytics allows website owners to comprehend and improve their performance on search engines. Search analytics covers affiliate marketing statistics, keyword monitoring, reverse searching, search volume trends and analysis, search result and advertisement history, keyword placement, website comparisons and advertisement spending statistics. Search analytics success depends on data collection method, service being used and data freshness. But, if we look at Google Insights, search analytics services is lower than Google Adwords. We can collect search analytics data in several ways.

Web Analytics

Web analytics, a tool, is used to measure website activity and presents traffic stats to the organization. Web analytics is a marketing tool that provides an easy-to-use interface and provides the information for analysis. Web analytics can be installed by IT. It can be said that web analytics measures, collects, analyse and report web data for understanding web usage. Web analytics is a tool for market and business research. It boosts the effectiveness of a website. Web analytics allows companies measure the results of advertising campaigns . It also helps to measure traffic to a website changes after the inauguration of a new advertising campaign. Web analytics tool measures the number of page views and the number of visitors to a website. .

SEM – Our Ultimate Influential Digital Marketing Strategy

As an all-inclusive process and a diversified process, Search Engine Marketing increases the visibility of your website in search engine result pages. We, at Wizbytes, use various SEM methods and techniques for effective results. We, at Wizbytes, provide you the best social media marketing strategies and thus return you the value you have invested for us. First, we comprehend your business aims, values, aspirations and your expectations from our services, and then, our next step is to plan a marketing campaign to improve traffic to your page, increase the number of clicks and improve sales; thereby increasing your profits. We do all types of advertising and marketing like display advertising, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing and email marketing within your stipulated budget.